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Venous Ulcers

What causes them?

Venous Ulcers are skin wound lesions that form on the legs. The main cause of venous ulcers is venous insufficiency due to abnormal function of the valves inside the leg’s veins. The most common location of these ulcers is the medial (inner), lower part of the calf, above the ankle. These lesions are the consequence of a long history of vein disease and are seen on patients with advanced venous insufficiency. In these patients, the pressure inside the veins is higher than the pressure inside the arteries that provide oxygen and nutrients to the skin. There is edema (swelling) and a leak of blood in the area. The skin changes color and becomes brown or purple and often becomes thick, dry and itchy. Eventually there is a breakdown of the skin. Due to lack of oxygen, these ulcers quickly become infected and take a very long time to heal.

Many patients develop non-healing wounds after accidents or traumas. Some of these patients do not even have evidence of vein disease i.e.: varicose veins, etc. Often time the underline problem could be a subclinical form of venous insufficiency. The proper evaluation and treatment of the vein disease expedites the healing of those wounds.

How are they treated?

The treatment is complex. It involves the control of the infection and the removal of the damaged tissue; however, the most important part of the treatment is to eliminate the underlying problem of venous insufficiency. Anyone with chronic skin color changes and/or skin ulcers in the legs MUST have a venous evaluation, since the venous insufficiency needs to be eliminated in order to prevent or successfully treat venous ulcers.

At the Heart and Vein Center patients with Venous Ulcers are evaluated for venous reflux and peripheral arterial disease (PAD). The test is a very simple but detailed ultrasound evaluation of the circulation in the legs. It takes several minutes and the results are available immediately.

Those patients with venous reflux can be treated with endovenous laser or radiofrequency ablation. These procedures are simple and done in the office in less than an hour under local anesthesia. The recovery is immediate and there is no downtime.

We are proud of our program and results.

Over the years we have treated hundreds of patients with venous ulcerations with great success. We create a comprehensive plan tailored to each patient. We have the expertise to treat even the most challenging cases with great results and patient satisfaction is very high.

If you or anyone you love suffers from venous ulcers, call today to schedule your evaluation. You will only regret not having done it sooner!

At the Heart and Vein Center we provide complete evaluation and treatment for patients with vein disease. We offer a full spectrum of treatment modalities including endovenous laser (EVLT), radiofrequency ablation (RFA-VNUS), ambulatory phlebectomies and ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy. All procedures are covered by most health insurances and all health insurances are accepted. Call today to schedule your evaluation.

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