Patient Reviews


“I would recommend your facility to anyone who requested information about where to have their veins taken care of. The quality of service from all staff is excellent.”

--Susan G.


“You are all the best! Thank you for my care.”

--Lynn F.


“Dr. Farhy and his staff are very kind. Everything was clearly explained to me and I appreciated the effort to “think out of the box” to treat my neuropathy regardless of the outcome.”

--Susan C.


“Dr. Farhy is one of the most personable physicians I have interacted with on both a personal and professional level. He is very knowledgeable and I felt very, very satisfied with the results of my treatments. I am so glad I decided to make the initial appointment. All the girls at the office were so kind and helpful. Smiles go a long way!”

--Kevin P.


“I feel comfortable knowing that I am in the best care when seeing Dr. Farhy and his Staff.”

--Lillian S.


“Dr. Farhy answered all my questions. His staff did too. Worked with me to complete the treatment before my vacation. Always felt he and his staff had a real concern for any anxiety I might have regarding treatment or healing process.”

--Annette P.


“I would use and recommend Dr. Farhy to anyone that could use his services.”

--Michael F.


“I feel that Dr. Farhy has helped me tremendously. For the first time in years, I am able to use my legs. They don’t swell anymore and my overall quality of life has improved. He always explained every procedure to me and patiently answered all my questions. I was also able to reach him after hours and he returned my calls promptly.”

--Linda R.


“My overall experience was positive. I was anxious about the procedure and everyone went out their way (above and beyond) to answer questions, provide support in a kind compassionate way.”



“I thought everyone in the office was very friendly but also very professional. I was very happy with my results. Dr. Farhy always takes the time to listen and I never felt rushed through my appointments. Thank you very much for everything you have done for me. My sister-in-law, Janice Goldstein loved the service she received also and I think she has some friends that are coming to your office.”

--Cheryl S.


“Dr. Farhy was kind and compassionate in my treatment. He made me feel confident that I was in the hands of an expert who had my best interests in mind.”

--Annette D.


“I can’t think of anything that you could do better!”

--Cheri N.


“Everyone involved with my care were very professional and made everything pleasant and comfortable for me as the patient. The procedures were carefully explained and made to understand what to look forward to. The results were as expected, very well done. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to the care of you and your wonderful staff.”

--Michael D. Z.


“Everyone is very kind and helpful. I especially appreciate how respectful Dr. Farhy is during the procedure. Only comment is to double check insurance coverage before giving the co-pay amount.”

--Lauren D.


"Thank you for the wonderful job you did on my viens.  I am very happy with my results so far.  Dr. Farhy, you and your staff are so nice and made each visit a pleasure.  You have a wonderful staff who is always helpful and pleasant each time I have visited or called your office. 

--Debra D.


“The staff was very warm and accommodating. They made every visit easy and enjoyable. Dr. Farhy was very knowledgeable, personable and friendly. I have nothing but nice things to say about Dr. Farhy and his staff! I have in fact told friend who have sought Dr. Farhy’s help.”

--Mr. Smith


"I had a condition of non-healing foot ulcers for 5 months prior to my being seen and treated by laser treatment by Dr. Farhy. My legs were also swollen which caused me great discomfort and pain. Now, three months later I am completely healed! Thank you Dr. Farhy!"

--Gloria E.


"Dr. Farhy was very professional and explained the procedure and recovery perfectly. I had an excellent experience with the Heart & Vein Center and would recommend to everyone who needs treatments for their veins."

--Jennifer B.


“I feel you and your staff gave me excellent care and will highly recommend you. A special thanks for answering all my questions and concern, making me comfortable during my procedures and recognizing my time is valuable by taking me at my scheduled appointment times.”

--Clare K.


“Dr. Farhy and his staff, especially Heidi, were very helpful and genuinely concerned about my RLS. Before I came, my mirapex had augmented and didn’t work anymore. After my procedure, the medication is working again and I hope to eventually wean myself completely off. Dr. Farhy had gone beyond care by calling and emailing to see how I’m doing. I’m very optimistic that I will go off my scripts, but if not, the procedure is practically painless and no side effects. I would recommend Dr. Farhy to anyone with a heart or vein condition, He’s wonderful!”

--Elfriede J.


“I’m very Happy with the results. The doctor and entire staff are excellent. Thank you all so much!!!”

--Frank K.


“I came with a pessimistic attitude having suffered with RLS for so many years. I have over the years seen a neurologist and of course my family doctor, both prescribed Requip as the only remedy for relief. After the painless procedure and in depth consultation, I am amazed and thrilled at the results. I still find it hard to believe that my life has been improved to this level. My wife and I are sleeping well once again and I am extremely grateful. Dr. Farhy is simply amazing!!! If Dr. Farhy worked out of St. Mary’s I would switch cardiologist.”

--Roger M.


“I am very satisfied with the way the treatment was handled and with the results. I also want to thank you for making me so comfortable in the office and also thank you for making me comfortable in the treatment room. Thank you Dr Farhy!”

--Phyllis K.


“Short of the pain from the needles, Dr. Farhy and all his staff were very caring & courteous. I trust my well being to the care of this Doctor.”

--Thomas D.


“I was amazed at how wonderful the Doctor and the rest of the staff were every step of the way. I was at ease with the calmness of the office. I would recommend Dr. Farhy and his staff to everyone I come into contact with.”

--Victoria B.

“I felt very comfortable with Dr. Farhy’s treatments. Sometimes it was difficult to schedule appointments, with my work schedule and the Doctors schedule, but was always able to work around them. Heidi made me feel really at ease during the treatments. I have recommended Dr. Farhy to a few girls at work. Thank you?”

--Kathleen G.

“Thank you for showing care and understanding. You are all so friendly and nice. God bless you for being the best at what you do!”

--Amall A.

“Dr. Farhy lives up to his name. His work is magnificent. His explanations are very clear and he delivers what he promises.”

--Robert Z

"Thank you so much.  The outcome was way better that I expected.  Great job!"

--Sean S.

“I want to thank you very much for the excellent job.  Dr. Farhy and his staff were wonderful.  They made me feel comfortable and successfully did everything they promised.  I will recommend your practice to many people."

--Ameer N.

"Prior to my appointment, I was apprehensive & I didn’t know what to expect.  Dr. Farhy explained the procedure to me and calmed my nerves and eased my fears.  The staff and the doctor were great.  Thank you for all that was done."

--Annette R.

"Dr. Farhy is the BEST in every way!!  He is the true meaning of excellent in all her does.  I am blessed to have him as my doctor."

--Muntaha N.

"Everything was excellent and I am very happy I came to your facility for my treatment."

--Thamer A.

"Thank you for everything.  My leg feels a lot better and looks a lot better.  The staff here are awesome.  Please keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing you guys soon."

--Keith H.

"My experience was great. The staff was very nice and welcoming.  As for Dr. Farhy, her was excellent and very educating."

--Jasmina F.

"I don’t know how you could improve.  Dr. Farhy is a charm.  Office personnel are excellent in their jobs.  The waiting room is inviting and always clean."

--Lorraine E.

"Really a great experience overall.  Office staff very friendly & helpful.  I have already recommended you to several friends."

--Kathleen M.

"Dr. Farhy is one of the most gentle doctors I have ever seen.  He is very soft spoken and puts you completely at ease right from the start.  He explained everything in detail, so there were no surprises during or after procedures.  He is extremely professional. His office staff are all wonderful."

--Jonathan Y.

"I didn’t know my legs looked that bad until the Doctor put them up on the computer screen.  I am very please with the final results.  All of the staff are very friendly and the Doctor explained all the procedures well and answered any questions I had.  I want to say an extra special that […]

Arthur J.


--Elmer B.

"Dr. Farhy and his staff were very professional.  They were efficient, knowledgeable and friendly.  The procedures were explained in detail and were performed in a timely manner.  I had excellent results with very little discomfort.  Overall the experience was most positive.  I would highly recommend his practice to anyone!"

--Christopher B.

"Keep up the good work."

--Carol B.

"Dr. Farhy is very personable, courteous and professional.  He is also very knowledgeable, thorough and meticulous.  He gives great attention to detail and makes his patients feel very comfortable.  I am very pleased with the work he has done on my veins and I am happy that I am in his care."

--Peter J.

"I was very satisfied and it was a great experience!  Thanks for all you do."

--Nazik S.

"I am extremely impressed with all services at the Heart & Vein Center.  All staff was always very friendly, helpful & kind.  Dr. Farhy displayed an abundance of knowledge within this field and was always able to put me at ease.  I would refr the Heart & Vein Center with my highest regard!"

---Geraldine D.


"I was very happy with the experience.  Thank you."

--Douglas S.


"I was very pleased with the overall procedure and would highly recommend your office to anyone in need of vein treatments."

--Joseph M.

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