Lower Extremities Venous Ultrasound


What is the purpose of a lower venous ultrasound?

This test is to evaluate the veins anatomy and function. To determine if the patient has venous insufficiency and/or blood clots on the legs veins. The test is typically ordered on patients with varicose veins or with symptoms suggestive of abnormal venous circulation baclofen buy usa buy cheap baclofen from the ireland baclofen 25 mg pills use drug abuse how can i get some baclofen where to buy baclofen online  i.e: swelling, pain, venous ulcers, etc.

Who administers the lower venous ultrasound test?

At the Heart and Vein Center Dr. Farhy himself will perform the test. Most other facilities rely on a technologist on doing the test and the technologist will give the information to the doctors. That creates that the doctor gets second hand information that has been shown that creates misinterpretations and misdiagnosis. By having Dr. Farhy doing the tests himself you get the best diagnosis and therefore the best possible plan and treatment. Common questions regarind the test include:

  • How long will the test take? The total amount of time this test will take is approximately 20 minutes.
  • How should I prepare for my test? No preparation is necessary. You will be provided with shorts to facilitate the test.
  • What will I experience during the test? You will be either standing on a special platform or lying on your back on an exam table while painless high frequency sound waves (ultrasound) are used to image the veins in both legs. Images are taken from the groin area down to the foot.
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