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Spider veins are small “hair-like” veins seen on the skin surface. They can occur in different patterns. They present mostly as isolated and tortuous lines, but they are often interconnected as “spider webs”. They can be red, purple or blue and some might turn darker and can be seen in the thighs and calves. There are some special patterns that are more common and indicate a more complex underlying venous problem. The external side of the thighs, the ankles and the back of the knees tend to have the highest density of these veins. Most of these spiders are asymptomatic, but 1 out of 10 people might feel throbbing or aches. Some of them might have bleeding from these spiders.

Regardless of where they occur, spider veins are downright not pretty! It is one of the most common cosmetic concerns of American women.

Reticular Veins

Reticular veins are slightly deeper in the skin than the surface spiders and mostly light-blue or deep-blue in color. They tend to form an underlying network. They are generally larger in size than spiders. Reticular veins are usually the source of spiders. Eliminating reticular veins will help eliminate spiders

Regardless of the type of spider veins, no one likes them. They are distasteful to look at… but they may cause other physical symptoms as well!

Most recent medical studies have found that people who had only spider veins and no other large vein problem (i.e.: large varicose veins) had many of the symptoms associated with vein disease in addition to a cosmetic problem.

Some of the physical symptoms found associated with spiders were:

  • Tired Legs
  • Aching in the Legs
  • Restless Legs at Night
  • Burning & Cramping
  • Itching in the Leg
  • Throbbing & Swelling

According to these studies, these symptoms were directly correlated to the presence of spider-telangiectasia on the legs and no other type of varicose vein.

If You Have ‘Em, Get Rid of ‘Em!

If you, like millions of other Americans, have spider veins and you don’t like them, you really should seriously consider doing something about them. If you have some of the symptoms described above, or if you simply don’t feel comfortable wear shorts or swim wear because of your legs, we can help you to do something about it.

The newer advances in visual sclerotherapy, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, laser and radiofrequency ablation you can get rid of all types of varicose veins.

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